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Being part of Team Tobati changed my life. I am forever thankful for what I was born into and the advantages I have.

I now treasure the opportunities presented to me that others much less fortunate don't get a chance at.

-William Elliott

2019 Team Tobati Mission, Paraguay

Two weeks in Tobatí working extensively on dozens of projects, which strengthen the medical and education infrastructure offered to the region's poor. The institutional value of "care beyond self" is lived out where students build resilience, empathy, and compassion while building roads, housing, and personal connections. Tobati stresses the importance and necessity of civic engagement and social responsibility. 


Honor Roll Full Year (2017, 2018, 2019)

3.50 GPA

2017 Honors student - Math, Spanish, Science

2019 AP history, Honors Chemistry

Roberts Award 

Merit Scholarship awarded at Kingswood Oxford School

Awarded to 2 recipients in freshman and junior classes and carries each year until their graduation. Given to those students that embody building a sense of community at school, as well as, achievement in academic excellence.

Hockey, soccer, tennis, skiing, science, running, math

Investment Club, Ping Pong

athlete of the month

With Wil Elliott


By Isabelle Rome 

Wil Elliott, sophomore at Kingswood Oxford School in West Hartford, spends hours a week skating across rinks. and he wouldn't have it any other way. His life has been a hectic schedule of lugging bulky hockey pads around for the past six years. This hobby that started out as a simple form of recreation became a lifestyle as Wil's skill level and competitiveness increased. 


He has played for the Nighthawks team in Simsbury, the Connecticut Chiefs and has most recently played for the Springfield Pics. Many non-hockey players are unaware of the demanding commitment hockey families go through. A fast-paced and physical sport, hockey requires all sorts of gear that must be carried from practice to practice and to games. 

"Hockey definitely makes my schedule more chaotic. In comparison to most school sports where there is little to no driving from my parents, hockey requires a lot of going and going," Elliott said. 

He is very grateful to his parents for sacrificing much of their time to help feed his passion for the sport. Hockey also limits Wil's time for schoolwork, meaning he must manage his time and work around his practices and games. He says it is often difficult for his friends to comprehend how busy he is, as he has much less free time than his friends do in their own schedules. 

Despite these obstacles, Wil truly loves playing hockey. The most impactful lesson hockey has taught him is to put effort into everything. He has seen the importance of training and conditioning and how much it pays off on the ice. He immerses himself in his workout, and makes sure he prepares 100% for class. He knows not to take shortcuts. 

Wil's favorite position is center, however he is a versatile player and can be placed anywhere from the wings to defense if needed. 

Looking ahead, he hopes to continue his hockey career after high school, possibly playing in college. Although hockey is a challenging and taxing sport known for its rigor physically and crazy time commitments, hockey remains Wil's passion and not even freezing cold rinks or a busy schedule will keep him off the ice!



U16 Springfield Pics Tier 1 Hockey 

Kingswood Oxford School Boys Varsity Hockey

Kingswood Oxford School Boys Varsity Soccer


Kingswood Oxford School Boys Varsity Tennis

Ice Hockey    Forward - Left hand dominant

Soccer          Midfield, striker - Right leg dominant

Tennis           Left hand dominant


148 pounds 

Born Jan 29, 2003

Athletic Achievements

2019 Tier 1 Rifles Hockey Showcase Champions - U16 Pics ice hockey 

2018 Boston Junior Bruins Showdown Champions - U16 Pics ice hockey 

2017 Most Improved Player Award - KO ice hockey

2017 Coaches Award - KO Soccer 

2014 Massachusetts Premier Development Hockey League Champions 

2013 Hershey Track 200 state finalist qualification

2012 Hershey Track 100 meter, placed 6th in state finals heat

2012 Connecticut Cup Champions - Farmington Travel Soccer


I am happy with my SAT Math score. However,  I mismanaged my time on the English SAT and will raise it hopefully higher than my PSAT English score.

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