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S1G was hired to share in the development of a state-of-the-art media center that will match the standard of the PGA TOUR’s premier brand. The media center will house all aspects of media work flow for the Players Championship, with an entirely new player interview amphitheater environment, media workroom, control room, lobby and public spaces.


Creative direction, attention to detail and brand extension characterize the S1G engagement and value add with this project. The discovery and research process started with a visit to the Sawgrass property during the Players Championship itself, shadowing individuals to observe the activities and movement of the players, members of the media, and the PGA TOUR communications staff directing traffic. Through this exercise S1G came to understand how the form will follow the functionality, empowering us in the concept phase. While the exterior of the Sawgrass clubhouse is iconic with a traditional yet sophisticated appeal, the design of the interview amphitheater, lobby and workroom spaces must be defined by a more progressive brand initiative in line with today’s PGA TOUR philosophy.  



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