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AT&T SPORTSNET studio & branding

Beginning in 2015, and continuing through the present, S1G led the creation of two AT&T Sportsnet broadcast studios, rebrand of 2 more broadcast studios, as well as, broadcast elements for seven remote locations, in a total of four cities: Houston, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Denver. 


Our solution for AT&T Sportsnet, as it is for any client, started with a strong creative vision. S1G doesn’t force or preach creativity, we merely listen while harnessing and shaping thoughts and ideas with a visual language that fits with the project and brand.   


We then create a center point and established go-to contacts for our client. From there we worked hard on every call, at every meeting and with every challenge to be sure we accessed the right expert to solve the problem at hand. The expert may or may not have resided with us. In addition to utilizing the capabilities of our own production staff, we also utilized a trusted network that helps us think outside the box or from a different viewpoint. Whether working with our own production staff or a vetted resource, we are constantly seeking the best solution for our client. 


The result has AT&T Sportsnet on air in four cities and ten venues, with a look that combines the national consistency required by the brand with the regional appeal the audience craves. The engineers, executive producers, and executives who control the brand, as well as the regional sports enterprises they represent, have the look they desire and the function they require. Our approach was careful, creative and comprehensive, and for us it was also a heck of a lot of fun.

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